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Dream shadow tales

Following the mystics through the narrow gate

                         "Oh soul of Osiris, Lord of the two lands, of the earth and the sky"

This is a composite of several of my photos- the butterfly and tunnel from Sayil in Yucatan and the waterfall from Goldstream Park as well as sky shots of Orion, and the symbol of the ankh as an ongoing love affair with Egypt and eternity.


A villa in Herculaneum (near Pompeii) I once visited (with a magical hummingbird globe), and more love of ancient history, this time of Rome and Greece

                   The Open Door

I like to step outside the door of morning
to where the sun wraps me up in summer gold
and lets me trace the pattern of flowers -
as a beloved's face beneath my eager fingers,
I hear the tiny tick of hummingbird time caught in mosaic flight,
And feel my tongue tingle with bee-churned honey on fresh baked bread like a sweet kiss.
At night the moon waits at the keyhole to cloak me in a silver veil
and lead me to the star tossed sea,
then with a skyclad rising,
the mist brings soft quiet to the senses before the orchestra of dawn

Star tossed sea
They finally found Jack tucked away at the
edge of the frozen crystal forest

  ....I have a portal I pass through

Where I see and taste and touch the wind 
and watch the trees dancing in the grove as they converse
in roaring whispers 

where I can open the postern gate in winter
and skate through like Jack Frost glass
to see the snow fall softly on our little country road 
where dreams and unicorns lie hidden behind the hedgerows 

 but are still there, .... 

A winter night's dream



   Roaring whispers

.....And butterflies dream of eternity  - CM


and from my celtic roots
Some paths I found to Tir-na-nog

 Scenes in the Grove and Garden

Fairy in the grove


dew drop star light
“Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal or a window opening on something other than itself. ”   Antoine Saint Exupery  from Wind Sand and Stars

Midnight in the field of dreams

and at the lake

                                        A naiad

for the whimsical

Put your cares aside and suspend belief and take a walk through my back door

the picnic fairy invites you to the woodland path

More fairy folklore here:  dream studies

The path to Tir-na-nog just happens to be at the back of my house!!