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Haunted Victoria

The Black Swan by Nina Simone

"oh black swan, where oh where is my lover now"
-the stars stitch a shroud for the dying sun-
On the Lagoon at Royal Roads at sunset


The Pensive Gargoyle, beneath a tree and amongst the leaves, he seems perfectly content to be here.
(found on Triangle Mountain)

                                      Craigflower Schoolhouse

She is dark and forboding on the edge of the Gorge estuary. There is an old school bell and a boarded up well full of slime and toady things. Without sun or moonlight the path is dark. Creaking whispers fill the small clearing and the bell glows and calls silently.

For whom does it toll
Poppy fields of Craigflower farm sing loudly as the old boarded up farmhouse rises, full of old memories whispering within.  Outside, I am falling in the garden as squadrons of dragonflies buzz the skies, birds twitter, and  a living oasis holds it in a reverent and intense embrace.
Shades of Jane Eyre
The old convent of St. Ann's

The sisters of St. Ann came out to Victoria from Quebec in 1858 to teach in a log classroom before this large school of french design was built in 1871. A convent was added on in early 1900's.  Many pupils and boarders from all over the world passed in and out of her doors through the years  up until the closing in 1973.  The high windows were the dormitory cubicles of the students.
  After being condemned as unsafe St. Ann's was in danger of being demolished but it was finally brought up to earthquake building standards much to the relief of the historical society and an annex was later used by the Conservatory of Music. It is now leased out as offices by the Education Ministy.  The beautiful chapel which was the first cathedral of Victoria is still maintained and used as a wedding venue. I had my own ghostly encounter in St. Ann's many years ago when I thought I saw someone go into a washroom and disappear in front of my eyes to a soft clatter of rosary beads.  I high tailed it out of there in confusion and never did know if it was my own mind playing tricks or a true sighting.

This beautiful, austere statue stands in Ross Bay Cemetery, commemorating the historic convent of the Poor Clares on Vancouver Island who were the female counterparts of the Franciscans. For some reason it brought the wonderfully creepy lines of Canadian poet/songwriter, Leonard Cohen to mind,- (Oh sisters) are my lessons done, I cannot do another one, they laughed and laughed and said "well child, are your lessons done?"

Forgotten but still steadfast
A worn grave stone in Ross Bay

Christ Churchyard

Pulkwutsang (the place of ghosts) Early morning on the Gorge. The first nations peoples would portage their canoes from Esquimalt Harbour across to the Gorge where the salmon ran.

More history of Victoria here
Victoria's  sacred spaces

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