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Saturday, 23 March 2013

In and around Victoria

Goldstream's Middle Earth
  A hike through Goldstream Park will bring you to this rain forest jewel, named (little) Niagara Falls.
 It's an almost grotto like setting and the water cascades from 47.5 meters above. Another reason that Vancouver Island is also a little piece of  Eden that God spared and allowed to  float up to it's current  position with the tectonic plate movement from a primeval and forgotten time.  Beauty around us!

Country Road Metchosin

the fountain by the Bay Centre, jealously guarded by the minions of Poseidon but a place of respite for the mortal citizens of Victoria


The Gates of Harmonious Interest, Victoria's Chinatown, the oldest in Canada and second only to San Francisco's
Shoal Point Lodge- Looking both ancient and space like 
The mermaids of Shoal Point
Devonian Park in Metchosin - an evening walk with Persephone
The old farmhouse on Craigflower Road, empty now of people but trees still mark the seasons and testify to the living earth

Blossoms near the Gorge

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