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Monday 16 September 2013

the summer garden bids farewell

The last of the summer wine 

I only caught the last few days of summer in my home town as I was away visiting and  travelling for the last month. Trying to readjust to every day life again has not been easy as my heart is still lingering in the Highlands of Scotland and in Glendalough, Ireland. It was a marvellous heart felt journey that continues to beckon on the horizon of my dreams both waking and sleeping, where our feet are still walking down the path to the glen and to the fairy grove of Ballyalban.
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We have beauty too here in the Pacific Northwest.

On the Selkirk Waterway the last rays of the sun this last weekend and

children's  joyful spontaneity just before the fog crept in "on little cat feet"


in the Sorcerer's garden a fairy sadly says goodbye to the fading summer flowers
 Catching the gold of a September sunset on Thetis Cove

At the Westbay Marina Docks, a glorious evening


grey dreams on grey days
Willows Beach

  In the light of early morning

and by the train tracks the jewels of the weavers


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