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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Demeter's Sorrow

Winter approaches slowly and my hill is crispy frosted. They are predicting snow next week!  I thought I would like to grab my camera and take a few photos and so...

a road trip to Shawnigan Lake on the island brought back memories of summer holidays long ago with my family. My sister tells me that the cabin is still there but for some reason I could not find it.  Many of our family are gone now but the love and memories remain as clear and shining as the lake on a calm day.
It was a typical holiday for us ( mom, dad, my sister and two brothers) with mom still cooking away at the cabin stove - " the cook never gets time off!"- and relatives, grandparents and friends, visiting, dropping in and staying a few days.  We swam,  sunbathed, waterskied with Dad, ate ice cream in the little village, and put pennies on the railway tracks to be flattened by the historic old E&N which roared by every day -Dad's suggestion- he also claimed we could make peanut butter this way.  We explored,  spent our days with each other and friends, and sat up at night telling stories. It all seemed timeless.
I was a strong swimmer and one evening at midnight I decided to swim "skyclad" like a mermaid, alone in the lake while others slept-  probably not the safest thing to do but something that satisfied the  waking romantic girl/woman inside me-  called by the stars into the cool dark lake.   Another time, our little brother fell off the wharf and I jumped in and pulled him out. All I remember was that he was there playing and then there was a splash and his friend pointing at the water which rippled and churned outward. With relief I hugged him tightly!!  Our sweet Dean!! 

My mother's last dream was of summer on the lake!!

the summer lake long ago

( a few memories from my dad's collection of old home movies)

and a visit?

This last while has been full of synchronicity. The local news produced on the TV  an older political rally which showed my dad participating and talking.    A few days later while moving some papers in the closet an old letter from my father fell out that could have been written yesterday!! It was very timely and addressed something I had been thinking about the last few days.  The universe speaks!!  and it's all good!

What we did find at Shawnigan 

Frosted fields  

         Rankin family                                                                                                  

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