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Sunday, 8 December 2013


a little phantasmagorical at the Uptown Centre

One magic night of many
The Royal Theatre which opened in 1913, Victoria's first cultural venue,
it has been home to concerts, operas and plays and later, movies,
but is now live performance only.
This is my first Christmas event this year. 

I remembered what a magical delight the ballet Nutcracker really is.  The Alberta Ballet put on a spectacular performance last night and it totally swept me away as live performances often do. In spite of the incredible special effects of modern film (which I love) there is a special electrifying energy that  flows between audience and players at a live performance. Whether it is the soaring sounds of opera or symphony, the driving rhythms of Rock  or the liberating motion of dancing bodies you find it takes a little longer to come back to earth after being beamed up into that other world of  mystery and art, story and passion, caught in the living currents of breath and body, sight and sound, time and space.

Downtown in the freezing cold

Yates Street


We  grab a bite to eat and warm up at

The Bay Centre Gallery

and then head around the corner to the theatre where we meet a timid mouse.

and a big thanks to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Victoria  who gave lots of children and young people the chance to attend and to go back stage and try on costumes and meet the performers.

including  our dear "Tittlemouse." who ?
Hint: she doesn't like cheese!

click on photo to see more Nutcracker Video by the Alberta Ballet-
a visual treat

Nutcracker video

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