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Monday, 4 February 2013

It's all a dance as my day begins

The misty mountains (chi mi na morbheanna)                             click on photos for larger view.

Each morning if I rise early I can savour the silent moments just before dawn and on a clear day in Victoria (we do have a few), watch the rising of the sun from my hilltop. The cry of  gulls  fill the spaces as they swoop back and forth,  warming up for a day of foraging on beach and in parklands. Sometimes the soft honking of geese as they fly by will remind me of seasons and time passing all too quickly.

On a good day the clouds spread out like a celestial fan.  A  slowly creeping glow sets them alight as earth greets her constant companion and lord; old Sol, conductor of the dance, who unfolds his radiance across the sky and over the landscape.  

During the year the sun appears to move along the eastern horizon in a dance of his own alll the way over to Mt. Tolmie in Saanich and back again to the Esquimalt hills. In actuality it is our mother earth who not only spins day into night but  tilts and sways to and fro as she moves in her incredible  elliptical ballet through solar winds and epic space. She must dance to live, and to a music whose frequency our ears are not yet attuned.   I wonder if the angels hear the sound of her whirling passage as a loud swoosh or a vibrating hum.

In the pre dawn stillness I  too move through the rhythm of Tai chi steps and yoga poses.I try to listen to the breath of my own song of life and praise. As light begins to flow down the hill and into all the dark crevices  a day on earth begins it's own buzz and hum.  The thought of the harmonious om of the dancing spheres is soon drowned out  by another symphony; one of morning in motion with the gull's cry, the drone of cars taking people to work and school, hummingbirds arguing at the feeder, my things to do and the drip of the coffee maker as the dance goes on.

Sunrise Seasons

winter dawn over Esquimalt
And a deeper winter

 Brother sun breaks through the veil of an autumn morning


Misty Spring rising over the Gorge Estuary

Tequila sunrise in summer (between Mt. Tolmie & Mt. Doug with Mt. Baker showing through)

sunrise of another kind

Meadow dryad from  Visual solitudes

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