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Sunday, 3 February 2013

My photographic Musings

"praise be thou my Lord, with all your creatures, especially Sir Brother Sun who is the day, beautiful and radiant, and praise to you through Sister Moon and the stars, in heaven you formed them precious and beautiful" (Francis of Assisi)

"And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two."
(dedicated to you my dear brother, much missed.
If only we could go one more mile)

My photography pages reflect my struggle with coming to a deeper awareness of my purpose and my relationship with nature in all it's wonder. I believe we have a physical and spiritual connection to the entire cosmos and to all those we are privileged to meet on the journey.

I have a love of travel and history and yet I also am enthralled with the technology of today and the ability to use it in an expression of art and creativity.
To this end I strive and know I have much to learn.

From a young age I took much pleasure in fairy tales and story telling and anything sacred and mysterious and I try to include these in my visual tales.

I hope everyone will always find wonder and magic in this world. We need only open not just our eyes but our inner eye and ears. There is always a message waiting for us.
I include some quotes that I find inspiring and that reflect my own beliefs
Jon Kabat Zinn and Pema Chodron are two of many teachers that have led me into a new direction with meditation and awareness. But I don't forget my old roots, and the Christian Mystics , some of whom  I became fascinated with as a child; Meister Eckhart, Francis of Assisi,Theresa of Avila, and the  modern Thomas Merton.

From childhood on I have had the dream of life lived as a sacrament. . . The dream implied
taking life ritually, as something holy.”- Berenson


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