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Saturday 1 February 2014

A return to wonderland - a small rabbit tale

click to play "oh very young" by Cat Stevens

a shorter story

           Walking in the woods with Alice

  “Only a few find the way, some don't recognize it when they do - some... don't ever want to.”  - Cheshire Cat

Mr Tibbles, the brown rabbit
Mr Tibbles                 It's a wonderful journey to the rabbit hole revisited.  Alice rolls her eyes as though she knows I never believed she would find it.  Yet here it is.  I hope she doesn't expect me to fit through that little hole.  Politely I listen to her rather curious tale about how some time ago,  after an argument with her sister, Hattie, who is nodding in grave affirmation, she walked outside and caught a glimpse of a rabbit running into the woods. Alice composes herself and the rather curious little tale begins in earnest. 

"Why it's Mr. Tibbles!" she declared;  Mr. Tibbles was a grumpy old rabbit who bit everyone's fingers. "You must have escaped from your hutch,"  and giving chase she followed him to a large tree where he sought escape in a hollow root cave.  Sticking her hand inside, she felt the predictable nibble but she managed to grab his tail. He pulled her farther and farther into the tree until falling down a deep hole she found herself in a strange and unrecognizable part of the woods. Trying to find her way out she came across a mad hatted girl , sitting drinking chai tea on a tree stump in the forest.
the dim-witted tea party
the dim-witted tea party

 Where is everyone at this dim-witted tea party?" demanded a rather bored Alice (having read the book many times), to which the Mad Hattie spoke up brightly from her tea cup, "Have some tea?"  Alice thought that would indeed be appropriate at a tea party but looking at the rather empty table cloth covering the stump asked "well then, where is the tea pot?" to which Mad Hattie,  looking confused, replied, "Why, there isn't one",  and in a muddled state of mind went on to explain ," -umm, I guess that's why it's dim-witted!"  Alice stared at her, thinking she looked a lot like her sister and every bit as dim-witted.

So they instead sat and reviewed  the book "The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney,"  which Mad Hattie pulled out of her bag of broken tea cups, and that was soon followed by  a discussion of upcoming school events. Alice wondered which way was the Queen's way, -the Red Queen to be exact- and who it was rumoured in this particular incarnation of wonderland,  actually preferred to wear purple,  according to Mad Hattie who loved anything purple. 


Suddenly a pipe smoking  and rather odd green winged creature named Absabaloon  happened to stumble out of the woods in a dither, announcing that poor caterpillar had been run over by a bicycle!  After a moment's silence they were then handed a rather muddy and torn invite to a celebration and dance at the Royal Palace. They understood that this was no  ordinary RSVP but a "must attend without delay or lose one's head!"  They wondered if Craig Ferguson would be at the party.

and so they set out, Alice, Mad Hattie and Absaballoon on the road to the palace
                                         ( actually Scone Palace Park in Perth, Scotland with poetic licence)

Never mind the Queen, come on let's dance!!!

All ad libbed and improv'd by the galumphing beamisher girls from out Metchosin Way, not the Queen's Way, though Queenie is a good friend of ours. These are two absolutely amazing little film makers and stage enthusiasts.

Never lose the way!!


  1. Adorable! I have always appreciated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I even played the Queen of Hearts and the Mouse right alongside the little love who played Alice. What a lark! These photos and the little video clip are awesome. Your post has inspired me to have a cup of tea, and invite all the curiosity that comes of it.

    1. thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed!! And if you have a cup of tea make sure you check the tea pot for the dormouse.

  2. Loved it! The subtle irony here and there makes this story so rich! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by. This is pre teen irony in all it's glory!! I love what kids have to say.. Great fun to go with it and so glad you like it!!